On a Rainy Weekend: How to Find Sunshine in the Grey…

Changing Mindset
The dog dancing through the rain soaked bluebells

Why is it that it always seems to rain when you have made some weather dependant plan?

Where I live, rain is a frequent visitor. On the recent Bank Holiday, it rained, changing plans and the events of the day. Rain – cold, wet and grey – is always ready to make a dampening appearance.

Barbara Streisand famously belted ‘Don’t rain on my parade’ and I must admit that was very much my mood when I looked out the window at around seven yesterday morning. I had arranged an early morning park walk. How unfair!

I made the decision to go anyway. Even though I wasn’t going to have the spring morning walk I had envisioned, I (somewhat grudgingly) decided that I would still go to get a little exercise…

Despite it being bitterly cold, being outdoors was beautiful and uplifting. In spite of my icy fingers, and my numb toes, I felt my spirits lift as I watched the dog dance through the rain-soaked bluebells. She was full of joy, in the moment, and loving every second of it! It set my mood for the weekend.

Taking the time to stop and appreciate the small things!

Despite things not being perfect, or exactly as we envision them, we gain much when we open ourselves to appreciating the good, and the beauty in what we have.

Today, I went for another walk with my sister, a friend and the dogs. My sister brought us to a bluebell wood, where the bluebells were even more abundant than before.

The dogs frolicked and cavorted in the morning air. We also felt the morning joy. We stood and belted out songs, laughing at ourselves, but loving the freedom and joy of it. We were in the moment- and it was fun!

What do you do that makes you feel a sense of gratitude? Share in the comments below. Have a good day!


  1. Terri DeVore says:

    Oh my gosh, I can so relate to this! I take a walk every morning with my dog and the past two weeks it has been raining…like every day! GRRRRR! I have had to change my mindset and take smaller walks in between the random storms rather than our really long, peaceful morning walk.

    I admit I grumbled a bit at the first but I changed my mindset and was grateful we were at least able to get out for short walks.

    I learned it really is learning to go with he flow and being okay with what the day brings. 🙂 Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you relate! I find when I work on changing my mindset, things are always more positive! I’m glad you’re getting some walks! Hopefully the sun will come out soon!!


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