The Power of the Voice

I have always loved singing. There is something delightfully liberating about throwing your head back and belting out a favourite tune at full volume.

Opera, pop, jazz, county, rock- it doesn’t matter what the song is, or which genre it belongs to, it is the singing that is so wonderful, so fun and so freeing.

When my son was little, he had glue ear. Until he had vents in, when he was almost aged three, he spoke (and sang) very loudly.

At that stage, in my early twenties, I loved the band, the Pixies. I smile when I remember him jumping up and down on the sofa, roaring along to ‘Debaser’ on the hi-fi.

Singing together was just another way for us to bond. To shout. To celebrate our voices.

Almost twenty years later, he still loves singing that song, but now he plays it on guitar, and we roar along together! At 22, almost 23, and 44 respectively, we are still bonded by the joy of singing.

‘The only thing better than singing is more singing.’

Ella Fitzgerald

Singing connects us. There is nothing quite like doing a karaoke duet with a friend or family member while the ‘audience’ supportively (and perhaps sympathetically) encourages you in your endeavours.

The wonderful Ella Fitzgerald aptly said, ‘The only thing better than singing is more singing.’ She was absolutely right.

Today, as we approach the start of the weekend, I encourage you to find some joy, pleasure and release in the wonderful act of singing!

10 Ways to Sing Today

  1. Put on a Disney movie and sing your heart out!
  2. Pick a tune you already know, and make up your own lyrics about a friend or family member.
  3. Go on YouTube and find a pop act you love, and sing along.
  4. Find a song that makes you feel like you own the world- strut around the kitchen singing it!
  5. Sing with your children. Sing nursery rhymes or nonsense songs.
  6. Sing to your pet- yip, yap and yowl, and try to get them to come on board too!
  7. Roll your car windows down and sing at the top of your lungs.
  8. Find an operatic number- have a go at performing it!
  9. Choreograph a dance to accompany one of your tunes.
  10. Try to remember your favourite song as a teenager- blare it out on a video call to a friend!

Today is World Voice Day. It is a day of celebration of the voice. It also aims to get us to look after and address our vocal health.

Whatever you sing, say, or shout today- use your voice kindly, and treat it kindly.

In the comments, please share your favourite memories singing, or how singing brightens your life!

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