A-Z Of Showing Love For Yourself And For Others Today…

P- Pour a cup of tea, or coffee and sit and enjoy the drink. Prepare some food and savour the flavours.

Today’s post is an A-Z ‘to do’ list, to inspire us to take the time today for ourselves, and for others.

I admit that, caught up in the pressures of day to day life, often I forget to be grateful, choosing instead to focus on the minutiae, rather than on the many reasons I have to be glad.

This list has been created to encourage awareness, and gratitude- in myself, and in others.

It is important to notice and nurture the small moments, and to take the time to be kind to ourselves and to those around us.

If you have lots of time today, you can work your way from A-Z. If you are short on time, pick a few letters, and show some love to yourself and those you spend time with today.

A– Ask questions- be interested in loved ones and ask them about their lives.

B– Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. As the quote says, ‘Kindness is like confetti- sprinkle that stuff everywhere!’

C– Create something. Pursue an activity that interests you- music, writing, art, gardening, decor- and enjoy the pleasure of being creative.

D– Dance. Put on some music, from a genre you enjoy, and shimmy and shake a smile onto your face!

E– Exercise- go out for a walk, or run, or do an online workout with friends. Release the endorphins and feel the benefits!

F- Forgive yourself, and others in your life, for hurts and harm. Forgiveness frees us from negativity.

G– Go outdoors. Go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Notice the temperature, and the colours, sounds and smells.

H– Help someone. Offer to give someone a helping hand. We gain as much as we give when we help others with their tasks and problems.

I– Invent a new game, or a new way to pass the time. There are templates on the internet for board games, if you search for them.

J– Joke and jest! It is important to be playful, and to have fun.

K– Keep on smiling. Find things that make you happy and do them.

L– Look at your environment, notice things you love in your home. Look at photo albums and reflect on the memories you have.

M– Make time for yourself: put on a face mask, listen to a podcast, or do something else to make you feel relaxed.

N– Number the positive things in your life and be grateful for them. Gratitude lists can help you develop a more positive outlook, and can help you focus on the good things in your life.

O– Organise your clutter. As Marie Kondo says, ‘Life truly begins when you put your house in order.’ Pick an area, or even a drawer and tidy your possessions.

P– Pour a cup of tea, or coffee and sit and enjoy the drink. Prepare some food and savour the flavours.

Q- Quieten your mind. Take time to relax and meditate. Pay attention to your breathing.

R– Read a book, magazine, newspaper or blog. Read aloud for someone, or read a story to a child.

S– Send someone a card., an email, a message, or a letter. Brighten someone’s day by showing that you care.

T– Talk and share stories, ask people around you to share their childhood memories.

U– Understand that stress is a normal part of life. Be gentle with yourself and do not force yourself to jump through too many unnecessary hoops.

V– View a film or series that you have wanted to watch. Relax!

W– Waken your inner child! Get skipping ropes, a hula hoop, or a ball. Have fun like you did when you were a kid!

X – X-ray your wardrobe. Go through your clothes and reorganise them. Get rid of those you do not wear, or love.

Y– Yearn for new adventures! Lockdown has been difficult for those with a wanderlust. Research a place you want to visit, plan what you will do there.

Z– Zzzzzzz- Catch some Zzzz!

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