Reasons To Eat Chocolate This Easter (and then go back to juicing tomorrow!)

Why is it that the sight of variously sized chocolate ovals, gaudily wrapped in golds, blues, and purples, brings out the excited child in us, no matter what age we are?

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” Charles M Schulz

At 44, and on a (fairly) committed path to my summer physique, why am I still as enthusiastic about getting Easter eggs, as I was when I was young? Is it that they are, in their glittering foils, alluring aesthetically? Is it maybe, because I am greedy? Or is it that chocolate (although it must be taken in moderation!) is actually good for us? Today, I prefer to go with option number 3!

5 Reasons Why You Can Enjoy Chocolate, Guilt-free Today:

  1. Dark chocolate, with a high percentage of cocoa, has lots of health benefits as it is full of antioxidants.
  2. Studies have shown that it can help the brain and protect against cognitive decline.
  3. Chocolate can help to boost your mood! Eating chocolate can produce endorphins which help you to be happy.
  4. It’s Easter Sunday – take the gift of the day, and run with it!
  5. It’s very delicious! Enjoy!

Carpe Diem: And Then Tomorrow, Get Back to Moderation!

The egg has always been a symbol of new life, and new beginnings. While chocolate eggs are the favour of today, tomorrow, for me, will be about moderation again. Tomorrow will start with a run, and a healthy, fruit-filled breakfast.

But today – today, I will enjoy the sound of the foil; will savour the smell of the chocolate; will eat far too many eggs. Happy Easter!

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