Is Green Juice Good For You?

Michelle Williams. Emma Roberts. Reece Witherspoon. Anne Hathaway. Jennifer Garner (to name a few) all seem to think so!

I have to admit that I am VERY aesthetically driven. I must also admit that I am more than a little open to being influenced by images of glowing celebrities, slurping down their mid-morning juice in various hues of health-giving green. With that out of the way – what is so wonderful about green juice?

As a colour, green is not one that I am drawn to in style, or in interiors, yet there is something unmatchable and uplifting about the colour green. This week I am off work for Easter, and have more time than usual to stand still and observe the world round me. The local gardens and parks are verdant with their spring growth, and everything sings of newness.

Is that what we are looking for when we drink green juice? That sense of fresh newness? Why else would we choose it over the perhaps more luscious and berried alternatives? I bought a juicer last week, and have been slurping my way through mason jar, after mason jar of my own concoction of fresh green juice on ice. Made with cucumber, sour apples, lemon and lime, it is an honestly uplifting drink!

The Verdant Benefits Of Green Juice…

As I sit on my garden bench sipping, I am also slightly smug in the (obviously Googled) knowledge that I am:

  • Hydrated
  • Aided in my digestion
  • Given a source of blood-pressure lowering potassium
  • Helped with protection against inflammation
  • Supplied with a little immune boost
  • And enjoying a delightfully fresh thirst-quenching drink!

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