Wonderful Walking

Why don’t I always remember to leave the house every morning, before I start the day? I am sitting in my kitchen, enjoying my second cup of Nespresso Nero’s coffee, and I am so happy that I have already enjoyed a walk in the park.

Today is one of those perfect spring mornings, where everything looks more beautiful. The sky is a pale blue, and walking no longer requires a coat!

The dog felt it too! She was delighted to get out of the house earlier than usual. Ignoring the other cavorting dogs (who usually leave her on high alert) she bounded and rolled and popped in the air, celebrating her early morning freedom…

I joined her- it is very liberating to forget your age, and play hide and seek behind trees. I even got stung by a nettle!

I know all the cliches of spring and new beginnings, but I suppose things are often said, until they are worn out, because they are true. Today, after this lovely start to the morning, I feel uplifted and hopeful and grateful for the day.

I am going to try to pass on this gratitude to others. I will have a coffee with my Dad. I will ask my son about his music. I will celebrate the possible.

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