Unexpected Kindness

Friends are wonderful. Friends are uplifting. Friends are fun. Friends are all around us, if we only look…

One thing I have noticed is how much people need other people. I know this is something we have all realised, more so than ever, since March last year.

Another thing that has equally become apparent- neighbours are keener than ever to be friendly. And that is a good thing.

Our street, which was much quieter, and more compartmentalised a year ago, has become warmer, friendlier, and more connected.

“Friends, family, neighbours are like flowers.”

Although we are all staying two metres apart, and calling to one another from across the street, there is a definite feeling of greater community spirit.

Just around half an hour ago, my next door neighbour and her daughter called to my gate, to wish me a ‘Happy Easter,’ and they gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers…

Friends, family, neighbours, are like flowers. Each one able to brighten our days, in different ways. We are all capable of beauty.

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