Better Late Than Never!

A day late, in honour of ‘National Burrito Day’ (I know I don’t live in America, but I have lots of relatives there- so surely that counts?!) I decided that it was essential to enjoy a Boojum burrito bowl for lunch.

Is there anything nicer than an unexpected Boojum burrito bowl on a Friday lunchtime? I was pondering what to make and stumbled on serendipitous inspiration on Google.

That got me thinking about unexpected pleasure. Is something more enjoyable because you didn’t anticipate it?

I always thought that anticipation was a huge part of the treat. But is serendipity perhaps better? Then we aren’t burdened with expectation, and are, perhaps, liberated to then enjoy the experience, in a different way. A more ‘in the moment’ sense of pleasure.

My Boojum was delicious. It was an unanticipated treat. It was, in my son’s words ‘Delectable’ and isn’t life more lovely when we find tiny, unexpected things to enjoy?

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