Finding the Fabulous…

Life at 44 years old is quite different to how I envisioned life at this ‘vast age’ from the perspective of youth. Unlike the manner in which I (very unfairly!) judged my parents and relatives, I don’t feel ancient, rather I feel like a more healthy, homely, happy version of myself.

As a single parent of a 22 year old, who has devotedly helicoptered her way through motherhood, I am no longer at the epicentre of my son’s world! While this is liberating, it also brings about the consideration- who am I at 44?

The answer is- a slightly saner, more relaxed, more wrinkled version of the 20 year old me. And- someone who has slightly more time on her hands, now that the co-dependance of besotted motherhood has lessened.

I am now a person who takes inordinate joy in trying to paint a portrait, in perfectly plumped feather cushions, or in making my own very cucumbery green juice. I find myself drifting in several times a day to stare at my newly organised box shelves. I scroll through countless pictures of dressers, and then chalk paint mine bright blue in an afternoon. In short, in this strange new world, I have found ways to take joy in the simple and to find it fabulous.

This blog is a celebration of finding joy in the simple moments we create.

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  1. O says:

    Thank you for sharing!


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