Blooming Beautiful!

Is it a true sign that you’re comfortably in your forties, when you start getting excited about bulbs blooming?

I don’t know if it is being locked down (probably it is considerably due to this) but I have been taking an inordinate amount of joy in seeing the bulbs that I planted in Autumn growing and starting to bloom. Like Wordsworth says, ‘then my heart with pleasure fills/And dances with the daffodils.’ And not just daffodils – tulips, and badly planted hyacinths too!

Despite the fact they are badly spaced, and some are squashed against the edges of the pots- I planted them. I planted them with my Mum. We worked together, with sore knees and covered in compost, on a sunny Autumn weekend afternoon, and now the flowers are coming, after all that time.

It is the change of hour too, that makes everything so much brighter- literally! It is lovely, standing in the garden in the evening, enjoying the stretch in the day. What was nicer too this evening, was the joy of the fact that you are allowed a friend in your garden again. Catching a glimpse of my son sitting (socially distanced) on a bench chatting happily to his friend (on another bench) made life seem brighter again.

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